Best Gift Cards With the Perfect Choices

If you want to celebrate Christmas while protecting the environment, the DGS has thought of you and put together a list of 7 ideas that will help you party by taking care of the planet. With a little imagination and will, you will be able to reduce your environmental impact, even for the holidays!

Buy Less

In addition to being an eco-friendly gesture, “less buying” does a lot of good for your wallet. Indeed, at the end of the year, many people who run in stores, buy games for children, gadgets of all kinds for their friends to check as soon as possible lists to Santa. Yet most gifts are useless. It is not a question of calling into question the gesture but rather the real necessity of what one offers. You have to ask a few questions before buying: “Does not he already have something like that?”Will he use it more than once?” With the Vanilla Visa¬†choice now you can have the best choices made.

Your Option in the Best Manner

The true spirit of Christmas is to meet together at the end of the year but we still like to have his little gift waiting at the foot of the tree. The secret Santa Claus is then an original idea to fill the whole family without breaking the bank. Thus, each member of the family (adults) puts his name on a piece of paper, then without the others watching, everyone draws a name, he becomes the secret father of this person and is responsible for finding him a special gift. We can then set a budget not to exceed (to avoid family disputes when one is left with a box of pencils and the other with a new computer) and voila! We can also offer more while buying less.

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Best Gift Cards With the Perfect Choices

Smart Idea and Choices

The idea is to appeal to his imagination, to find not the good gift but the good gesture: a good homemade notebook to exchange his round of dishes, for a hug, to choose the TV program. There is also the common gift, instead of buying each a little trash that will not necessarily be used after the holidays, why not just type in contributing for a monstrous gift such as a trip, a parachute jump experience instead of a simple object. Another suggestion that could lighten the gift lists, the principle of a secret Santa Claus.

Rush the eve of the holidays in a store to look for everything and anything, who has never done it?

Yet thoughtful shopping can do a lot of good for the planet. Indeed, going to the store (and this also applies to the daily, and not only for Christmas), we can see that many products are imported from the other side of the world, and that says imported, said transported, and therefore greenhouse gas emissions to bring them to us. So, by taking a little time (even if you know “it’s easier said than done”), you could make a huge move for the planet.

Today, in the shelves we see new toys, gifts made in France, which sometimes go unnoticed because too few. However, these products are often more environmentally friendly, obviously require less transportation, and therefore have a smaller impact on the environment.

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